Danse Amaleque

Klezshop's version of "The Pulcinellas recitative", a piece taken from my music for the play Napoleon - Dead or Alive!.

Jonathan Keren - violin
Gilad Harel - clarinet
Gilad Cohen - bass guitar

La Cucksonerie

Klezshop's version to the slow movement of my Quintet for Bass Guitar and Strings. It is dedicated to my dear former composition teacher, Robert Cuckson.

Jonathan Keren - violin.
Gilad Harel - clarinet.
Gilad Cohen - bass guitar.


An arrangement I wrote for my friend Mayran's wedding, which joins some of the prettiest love songs of the sixties with a Klezshop flair...

Jonathan Keren - violin
Gilad Harel - clarinet, bass clarinet
Gilad Cohen - bass guitar, tambourine