Video: Lecture-concert about "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

My complete talk about the structure of Pink Floyd's piece "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" from the Pink Floyd Conference at Princeton University. The talk discusses the structure of the song, motivic development, and the guitar solos, and it features a performance of an acoustic arrangement of the song for flute, clarinet, piano, and string quartet. Other video clips and press reviews from the conference are available on Youtube as well as at the conference's website at

Interview with James Guthrie, Gilad Cohen, and David Molk, 6-months after the conference

"We followed up with Molk, Cohen, and Guthrie for further reflection on the conference in our exclusive interview with each, starting with James Guthrie's fascinating thoughts and insights..."

Complete review of the conference at A Fleeting Glimpse website

"all parts contributed to the overall success of the conference’s goal: to provide both intellectual and emotional stimulation and further appreciation of the work"; "Cohen... injected humor, reverence, and erudition into his presentation, imbued with natural charisma and passion for his subject, and the audience rewarded him by breaking into applause several times before the conclusion of his talk." (Julie Skaggs, A Fleeting Glimpse). Click to read this comprehensive review titled "Pigs Fly Over Princeton: Pink Floyd Goes To College" (Photo: David Kelly Crow).

Complete 4-day review at leading Pink Floyd website

"... A fascinating and unique event ... Cohen closed the academic presentations for the conference, sharing a beautifully analyzed application ... and his case was persuasive and emotive ... Once Cohen completed his presentation he sat down to play his own arrangement ... Joining him were PUBLIQuartet, Hilary Jones (on flute) and Brian Adamczyk (on clarinet) for an incredible rendition of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' ". (Ed Lopez-Reyes, Photo: Marie Lopez)

Review at

"The Interdisciplinary Conference was a rousing success — nothing but high fidelity, first class the whole way." A review of the surround listening session and keynote address (Mike Mettler, Photo: David Kelly Crow)

Review of the Conference's opening jam session by Pink FLoyd website Brain Damage

"Pigs were flying around Princeton University and in the Garden State Thursday night ... a successful endeavor that gave those in attendance a greater sense of intimacy and integration ... The enthusiasm was palpable: as fans left the Small World Coffee shop you got the sense they have been thirsting for something like this for quite a long time" (Ed Lopez-Reyes,

Fan review at A Fleeting Glimpse website

"Gilad's dissection of Shine On You Crazy Diamond and comparison of the track to the psychological analysis of the stages of grief/mourning was, to me, absolutely incredible.. microscopic in its detailed analysis of the musical science and art involved..." (a short review of the conference's surround playback event and talks at popular fan website A Fleeting Glimpse. Photo: David Kelly Crow)

Blog review at The Daily Princetonian

"Cohen and Molk successfully created an event that was accessible to all disciplines, with something to satisfy both the casual and die-hard fans." Review by Princeton undergraduate students Noah Fishman and Michael Zhang at the university's daily paper (disclaimer: both Fishman and Zhang are taking the class that I'm currently precepting)

Preview article in US1 Newspaper

Preview article and extensive interviews (Susan Van Dongen, US1 Newspaper, April 9 2014). In the picture: Brian Adamczyk and Gilad Cohen performing Cohen's arrangement of "Don't Leave Me Now" (photo: David Kelly Crow).

Interview on Floydian Slip radio show

Interview on Craig Bailey's show "Floydian Slip," a one-hour, weekly radio journey through the history of Pink Floyd, broadcast weekly on fifty radio stations around the US. (In the picture: PUBLIQuartet, Hilary Jones, Brian Adamczyk and Gilad Cohen performing Cohen's arrangement of Shine On You Crazy Diamond for flute, clarinet, piano and strings. Photo: David Kelly Crow)

Preview article at A Fleeting Glimpse

Preview article at popular Pink Floyd website A Fleeting Glimpse, written by Julie Skaggs. (In the picture: the speakers at the conference, from left to right: Troy Herion, conference co-producer Gilad Cohen, Professor Nigel Smith, Pink Floyd producer/engineer James Guthrie, Prof. Shaugn O'Donnell, conference co-producer Dave Molk, Ryan Sarno. Photo: David Kelly Crow)